Trinity's Vision & Mission

2013 Vision

2013 Vision Goals determined from discussions at our Annual Meeting.


2012 Vision

2012 Vision Goals determined from discussions at our Annual Meeting.


2019 Our Vision

We continually strive to make Trinity Lutheran Church (TLC) a treasure in Ann Arbor, known for outreach in the community and excellence in worship and the arts. Our Purpose is to serve God by loving the world as God loves us. We aspire to create and maintain a healthy, thriving congregation of 1,200 members. We wish to grow our faith through committed worship attendance, support for one another in the body of Christ, and active service to the wider community and world. Trinity promotes a diverse congregation in race, ethnicity, economic status, age, sex, sexual orientation and learning styles, reflecting the population of the surrounding community. We are a commuity within a community where differences are valued and each individual is truly affirmed and welcomed.


We hope to continually understand the core of the Christian experience to be communal, that Trinity members joyfully and actively invite friends, neighbors, family and colleagues to join us for worship and other programs offered through our ministry. The purpose of all activities from worship to service to learning to fellowship is to servce God by loving the world as God loves us.

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