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Loan Free in Three—November 2011 update…

As of November 1st a total of $182,065 has been pledged towards our goal of $360,000.  Thus far a total of $87,161 has been received and applied to the principle of the current loan.  Early in 2012, Council will review several refinancing alternatives and make a recommendation to the congregation.  Any pledge payments received before the end of the first quarter of 2012 will reduce the amount of the building loan required.  Thank you all for your support in this endeavor.

Having each form returned – regardless of whether it includes a gift amount or not – will help with planning and follow-ups. Remember, everyone can participate by returning a pledge form!


General Operating Budget - Regular Offering 

There are many ways individuals may share their resources for the ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church.  The primary need is to provide financial support for the General Operating Budget of Trinity Lutheran Church through the collection of regular offerings from our members and friends.  Unless otherwise designated, contributions made to Trinity Lutheran Church are applied to the General Operating Budget.  The General Operating Budget supports our staff, funds the many programs and ministries available at Trinity, building operation and maintenance, Synod and community benevolence, Christian education for all ages, worship publications and music and other fellowship and prayer activities. 


Simply Giving Program

The Simply Giving Program is a convenient, safe and simple way for individuals to make regular automatic payments to Trinity Lutheran Church through electronic funds transfer directly from your checking or savings account.


Simply Giving cards are now available in the gathering space so that program participants may participate in the offering during worship, while helping to promote the program to others.


To set up electronic donations, simply complete the authorization form below and return it to the church office. Donations can be debited automatically from either a checking or savings account. SimplyGivingForm.pdf


Memorials, Bequests and Gifts

Memorials and bequests are charitable giving opportunities.  Memorial contributions can provide a lasting memorial for a friend, relative or loved one.  Your will or trust can designate (bequest) that a specific amount be transferred as a gift to Trinity Lutheran Church.  Individuals may also  make a donation and have the joy of seeing their generous contribution put to good use.  Donations can be in the form of cash or property (stocks, bonds or real estate) and may be general or designated for a specific use.  Please check with your financial advisor regarding the tax benefits of such gifts.

Questions? - stop in, call the church office at 734-662-4419 or contact Kay Hurst, Church Administrator at  734-662-4419


Trinity Funds

Trinity Lutheran Church has many activities and programming that support the needs and ambitions of its members.  A designated gift may be made to any special program or activity.  Here are some of the popular programs and activities you might want to share what God has entrusted to you:  Advanced Education Fund, Building Fund, Choir Fund, Good Shepherd Fund, Guest Musician Fund, Loan Retirement Fund, Music Fund, Prayer Shawl Ministry, Quilting Group, Women’s Retreat and Youth Assistance.  (Other links are being developed to provide further explanation of the program or activity.)

Community Outreach

Trinity Lutheran Church is known for its outreach and support of many mission projects both local and abroad.  Many of Trinity’s members actively participate in the operations of these various agencies: Alpha House, CROP Walk, ELCA Disaster Relief, Habitat For Humanity, Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice (ICPJ), Lutheran Social Services of Michigan (LSSM), Phebe Hospital and World Hunger Offering.  A designated gift made at Trinity to any of these agencies will be passed along to the respective agency.


Gifts and Investment Mission

The Gifts and Investments Mission is a six person committee responsible for providing oversight of Trinity’s Endowment Funds.  Gifts to the Endowment Funds can be in any amount and a new Endowment Fund may be initiated.  The earnings of these funds may be restricted for a specific purpose or may be unrestricted and used for the benefit of Trinity Lutheran and its ministries and programs as determined by the Church Council.  The current roster of Gifts and Investments Endowment Funds are: Advanced Education Fund, Church Reserve Fund, General Endowment Fund, Haisch Fund and Ludwig Fund.  Links are being developed that explain the purpose of each of these funds.  Donations can be in the form of cash or property (stocks, bonds or real estate) and may be general or designated for a specific use.  Please check with your financial advisor regarding the tax benefits of such gifts.

For more information on ways to give contact Tom Stires