Light_of_baptism_by_bewareoftheliving.jpg                This is my favorite time of year. Not only because I love fall and everything that comes with it like pumpkin pie, apple cider, hay rides. And it’s not just Halloween with candy and Haunted Houses and costumes. Frankly, it’s all of those things and more. I think right now that thing I am most excited for is Confirmation next Sunday.

                For each Confirmation service we put together a slideshow. Each kid has their own pictures, and this year we even had enough to add in a part about them as a class. I must admit that my mind was a little boggled when I looked at some of the pictures I took of these guys when I started a year ago and the pictures I added from just this fall. They have grown up so much, and so fast.

                I wanted to send out a congratulations to the Confirmation families. Each of these boys have been wonderful as we’ve been planning all this, and all of them were great participants in class, they all have good hearts. I’ve had the privilege to watch these 5 boys grow, even for just a year, into capable adult members of the church. I think they’re going to do great things.

                Kevin, James, Ben, Jordan, and Will: I’m very proud of you. Thank you for letting me be your teacher.

                And for everyone else, I’m going to give you a sneak peak of some pictures from the slideshow. We hope to see you on the 28th as we Confirm and celebrate with these boys their graduation into adult members of the church.


 IMG_0016_200x150.jpg              2012-10-07_12-21-13_686_500x298.jpg



Picture at top by bewareoftheliving