Welcome to our Guests

Our purpose is to serve God by loving the world as God loves us.


At Trinity we provide sanctuary, home, a resting place for people on life’s journey.  Regarding each guest as a gift of God whose presence enriches our gathering, we welcome all who come through our doors.  Our greatest joy is discovery of the presence of God who comes to us most often through interaction with others.  Fulfillment in life is found as we offer ourselves in aid and comfort to others and thereby participate in God’s healing and life-giving work in the world.


All are welcome, regardless of gender, age, cultural background, physical ability or sexual orientation to engage in worship, acts of service, learning and hospitality events hosted by Trinity.


God has made all people to be one nation and one family.  We look forward to becoming acquainted with you!


If you are interested in learning more about Trinity, consider attending our next Discovery Class.


You are also invited to consider Membership in Trinity's comunity of faith.