TLC Adventure Preschool has always maintained a distinguished reputation throughout the learning community. It is a privilege for us to highlight some of our testimonials.

From the Canetta Family:

TLC has been a wonderful experience for my daughter, Claudia and for me, being a first time preschool mother.

What I noticed first at TLC was how well organized the facility is for their preschool activities.  They have a separate free-play area, a bible story room, a lunch room and a playground, etc. Having a separate room that coincides with their weekly schedule has helped my daughter learn structure, while having a lot of fun at TLC.

Most importantly, what stands out the most are the teachers. They all have several years of experience and true passion for getting to know each student as an individual. They really put a lot of effort and love into the activities they do with the children. They have backgrounds in children psychology, which comes in handy when dealing with a first time preschooler’s fears. For example, my daughter initially had a fear of using toilets outside our household and Mrs. Kummer suggested that I came to school and used the bathroom to set a reassuring example for Claudia. I was skeptical that it would work, but tried anyhow and that resolved the issue that very day! If there are ever any concerns or issues that you may have concerning your child, the TLC teachers are informative, proactive and easy to talk with. It’s very comforting to know my daughter is around such loving, holy people.

 From the Notz Family:

Our son Alfred had a great first year of Preschool. TLC has very well trained, experienced teachers, caring and loving (the best!!!) The small size of the school and of the classes allows lots of interaction; teacher-child and between children. All the projects, toys and activities are very educational. The children are challenged for learning. Great interaction teachers- family. Alfred increased his vocabulary, developed better fine motor skills, and his interest in books and stories grew. He calls all the kids at the Preschool friends and know each one's names. The Preschool offer the environment for the child to grow in all aspects. You know your kid is in good hands. We feel blessed for had found such great place!

From the Shahine Family:

We want to take this opportunity to recommend Trinity Lutheran Preschool to your children.

Our son Michael has been at Trinity Perschool for about two school years so far.  Michael learned and developed new skills such as sharing, waiting for his turn, and playing cooperatively with his friends.  He has a positive attitude towards his peers, he is happy to go to school in the morning.

We also noticed a remarkable improvement in Michael's vocabulary, in his ability to express what he wants, and how he feels.  He learned the alphabet, counting, doing creative art projects that he is proud of.

Trinity Preschool provides a wide variety of toys for kids to explore, and are changed daily. The toys introduce the kids to a lot of pretend play toys, learning toys, and free play toys.

The teachers are highly educated, and ver well trained and experienced.  The kids are happy playing and eager to learn, thanks to he teachers' creativity and gentleness, i love the words they use when they communicate with the kids, Michael always uses phrases as: " thank you ", " good choice " and " good thinking ".

We are happy that our son goes to Trinity Preschool, we know he is in good hands, learning Christian values, and is getting the best preschool experience possible. 

From Amy VanHise:

We were fortunate to find Trinity Lutheran Preschool when looking for a preschool program for our oldest child.  Both of our children have attended Trinity and have han an excellent experience!  The teachers are wonderful - so professional, caring, patient, and creative!  They recognize that each child grows and develops at their own rate, and they individualize to fit the needs of each child.  The curriculum supports learning that definitely prepared our children for kindergarten.  We highly recommend Trinity Lutheran Preschool to anyone who is looking for a top-notch preschool program!