Women's Gatherings

Painting the Stars:

Science, Religion and an Evolving Faith

Beginning Monday, September 30, women are invited to join in a seven week Supper and Spirituality series entitled, “Painting the Stars: Science, Religion and an Evolving Faith.” We gather at 6:15pm for a light supper in Trinity's lounge. At 7:00 we watch a video featuring several prominent theologians and scientists and engage in dialogue. ‘Painting the Stars’ explores the promise of evolutionary Christian spirituality. Consider how new scientific understandings are opening fresh perspectives on the Bible and faith. Each session can be experienced as a “stand alone” unit, so even if you can't make all seven, join us when you can. The camaraderie and faith sharing are not to be missed!

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Women's Retreats

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Women's Gatherings range from weekend offsite retreats to afternoon or evening gatherings in the lounge, offering women the chance to reflect and share in a supportive atmosphere.